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Sunday, August 06, 2006

first post

I guess the first post is the "awkward turtle" of the blog, eh? I wouldn't really know, as this is my first blog in general. I'm quite technologically impaired- I don't have a MySpace, I don't have a Facebook, and whenever it's created, I won't have a YourFace. I do believe blogging is as good as I'll get, folks. Maybe I'll get someone to upload pictures for me from time to time...

So what does one write as a first post? I guess an introduction of me would suffice. If you do not know me, it truly sucks to be you. Smartass comments aside, my name's Callalily. For the average 30 year old (preferably Canadian- I've got a wee bit of a soft spot for Canucks)- I'm physically young enough to be your daughter, mentally old enough to be your genius twin, and emotionally old enough to be your mom, unless your mom is like my own and never got past the promiscuous and quite irresponsible part of puberty. I'm a Southern debutaunte, and I'm not joking, unfortunately. My odd speech comes from being around an eclectic group of people from the early years. If you think reading this is odd, try hearing me say it- as my friend Aisha puts it, I sound like a "mix of a drunk Irish man with Southern vowels, who randomly says Canadian phrases." Well, I guess shit happens, eh? I'm bilingual in the fact I speak English and fluent profanity. I'm known for being decievingly sweet when necessary and being your worst nightmare when provoked. The greatest loves of my life are the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team, Panic! at the Disco, big sunglasses, lacrosse, and good beer (by good, I mean Yuengling, Newcastle, Guinness- not that PBR, frat boy shit. Sorry, Meeks.) I believe everyone should be in a fist fight at least once in their life, and that trying to become popular is possibly the worst goal anyone could ever try to achieve. I'm pro-choice, and a believer in gay rights. Although I am Jewish, I am pro-tattoo- I don't think the God I believe in will damn me to Hell by marking my body with meaningful art.

Some questions that have been wandering in my mind:
:: Is it possible to be a success without living up to ALL of your expectations?
:: Why do people think it's possible to fight for peace? Isn't that like fucking for abstinence, or bingeing for sobriety?

A final word:

"Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated." ~Lamartine


Blogger David Meeks said...

So, I get to be the first person to post a comment. Great! I'll have you know I only drank PBR once or twice in my life. And that was because it was buy one get one free at a baseball game. I am currently on a Samuel Adams kick. Your first post was great. It almost captures who you are. We all know mere words cannot explain the experience that is Calla.

5:15 AM  
Blogger ElenaKorn said...

Oh Cals. Im so pumped to be in chorus with you this year. Its gonna be great to have someone in class who actually appreciates different music styles and doesnt complain 24/7.
As for this blog -- Good Lord.
You are a terrific writer!
You seriously need to put school on hold while you further your career in writing humorous essays and memoires. I was immediatle pulled in (and not just because I am accustomed to your hilariously cynical and perverse comments!)
Anyways Calls -- I saw your myspace the other day. Very nice. Way to conform like the rest of us....hahah jkjk
Im gonna go put on my gorgeous COEXIST shirt and listen to showtunes.
Love you :)

10:10 PM  

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